A Story by ‘Walker’ (copyright 2011, pictures:

It was a perfect sunny morning on a deserted Yucatan beach and the only sound was the peaceful lapping of the ocean on the sand punctuated by the occasional warbling of tropical birds nesting in the nearby trees. Few would have guessed that the tranquillity of this idyllic scene would soon be shattered by an unscheduled high school reunion.

While the early morning chorus was in full flight, the pounding footfalls and heavy pants of two early morning joggers reverberated in the still air. Emerging from opposite sides of a large dune were two stunningly attractive, buxom young photographic models, both running barefoot and bathed in a sweaty sheen that was beginning to soak through their micro bikinis.

Far from paying much attention to their picturesque surroundings, both babes were looking down wrapped entirely in their own thoughts, listening to their iPods and planning their respective modelling assignments later that day, including such essentials as what type of thong and which shades of lipstick and nail varnish to wear.

Pic. 1. Sheri had finally straddled Carla, pounding her head on the tile floor until the concussed redhead tearfully submitted.

The blonde was the first to notice the redhead bounding energetically across the sand towards her on a direct collision course and she decided to engage in a spot of polite repartee. “Hey, watch it red!” The other’s response was equally genteel. “Outa my way, blondie!

Angered, the blonde grasped the redhead’s wrist as she tried to run wide, spinning her round so that both babes stood facing each other, puffing out their ample chests as they caught their breath.

 “Now, that’s not being PO-lite,” began the blonde. “Wait - oh my,” she gasped, “Carla Klinghoffer! Why, we haven’t caught up since that time I whipped your ass in the showers after that beach volleyball game.”

“Sheri Applebaum?! I can’t believe it’s really you,” the redhead shot back, flushing as she recognised her former rival, the girl with whom she had competed and fought every step of the way through high school.

Both girls were suddenly caught in a simultaneous flashback to a brutal encounter five years earlier which had ended with them both slugging it out naked in the shower room in front of their friends until Sheri had finally straddled Carla, pounding her head on the tile floor until the concussed redhead tearfully submitted.

“Well, fancy bumping into you down here in Mexico of all places, sweatpea,” Carla continued sarcastically. “But let’s just set that record straight again. You might’ve got the drop on me that time in the showers but don’t forget that I levelled the score with interest the time we met down by the levee.”

The levee had actually been more like a mud bath and watched by their classmates both girls had become covered from head to toe as they wrestled back and forth in the goo, shedding clothes as they went. After a bitter struggle Carla had finally forced Sheri face down in the mud, twisting her rival’s arm behind her back in kind of a jackhammer hold while sitting on the blonde’s head until her only remaining option was to submit. That was to be the last time they fought because soon after Sheri’s father’s new Air Force posting came through and the Applebaums moved to Okinawa, Japan for a year.

“I hadn’t forgotten”, smiled Sheri, back in the present and also feeling a sudden rush of heat to her cheeks, “but I guess now that the hand of fate’s brought us back t’gether again on this Mexico beach, we gotta duty to decide how this story will end.”

“You betcha, I thought I’d never get the chance again after that last whipping I gave ya” sneered Carla. “So how about we head over there behind those dunes where no one’s likely to disturb us.”

“Great, I can’t wait to put ya in your place once and for all,” teased Sheri as she followed her rival behind the low sand dunes that backed on to the deserted beach.

As soon as they reached the spot Carla turned to face her old rival but it was clear the blonde didn’t intend to waste any time on further pleasantries as she immediately nailed the unsuspecting redhead with a roundhouse kick that caught her underneath the left breast sending her flying backwards onto the sand.

In an instant the blonde was on top, landing hard as she spread-eagled her stunned rival and ground down forcefully to measure her bikini’d breasts against Carla’s.

“I hate to say it hon, but although you’ve put on some pounds over the years these little puppies of yours are still no match for mine,” she smirked.

“At least mine are natural!” shrieked Carla as she locked her hands with Sheri’s and succeeded in forcing her rival on to her side, both girls rolling over and over across the sand, arms and legs entwined as they fought to gain the uppermost position.

Stalemated, both girls clawed each other’s hair…. letting out little sobs as tears welled up in their tightly shut eyes ... until finally they separated and rolled apart, exhausted by the extremely painful opening round of their high school reunion contest.

Pic. 2. Paralysed by pain the redhead pitched forward and fell like a sack.

Rising to their feet, the two rivals circled warily, noting with grim satisfaction the scratching and bruising each had inflicted on the other in the short space of time. Their micro bikinis had slipped round their waists exposing their cleavage in full for the first time and they found themselves appraising each others assets for a moment as they stood sweating and panting in the hot sun.

“Guess you won’t be completing your modelling assignment today after all, Carla honey,” Sheri laughed, pointing at the red weals and blotchy bruises that were coming up on the redhead’s body, adding the afterthought, “unless you’re modelling fully clothed for a change!”

“Sweetness, you should see yourself in the mirror – you won’t be in a fit state to show off those fake boobs in the centrefold for quite some time. “

“Well waddyaknow,” laughed Sheri cupping her large breasts, “the bitch is still jealous that I’m packing more up top than she is. Always did give me the head start with the boys at school didn’t it Carla?”

“Aw, shut tha’ heck up and fight!” Carla leapt forward and angrily thrust out her hands, fingers outstretched, signalling her desire to take Sheri on in a contest of strength. Still sneering, the blonde let go of her breasts and accepted the challenge as locking in eyeball contact tblondehe two immediately grasped hands and pressed their bodies together, gasping as they squeezed their fleshy assets together in a mutual bear hug.

As the struggle continued, Sheri gained a psychological advantage by ramping her breasts on top of Carla’s, using the other girl’s mammaries as a fleshy platform so that they were right in the redhead’s face, both literally and figuratively.

Carla was soon seeing double, her rival’s melons racked up so close that she could see the sweat bursting from every pore. Pretty soon the redhead started to panic as she found herself being forced face first into the humid, undulating chasm into which Carla’s sweat was now streaming.

In desperation, Carla threw her hands round Sheri’s back, her fingers suddenly hitting pay dirt as groping blindly she pulled up hard on her bikini thong and gave the blonde an enormous wedgie. "Muaaaaarrrgggghh!" screamed Sheri Hessas Carla worked the material tight up her back.

Finding her face suddenly free, the redhead leapt forward and trapped her opponent in a headlock while delivering several brutal knee lifts to Sheri’s belly and breasts. Grasping her stunned rival by the hair Carla forced the blonde painfully to her knees and leant forward triumphantly, letting her breasts sway over Sheri’s tear-stained face.

Carla now decided to go for the coup de grace, squatting down heavily on the blonde's thighs and applying a mean smother hold by pulling Carla into her own substantial cleavage, systematically cutting off all oxygen to her rival’s breathing passages. Vital seconds dragged by as Sheri Hessgrabbed bunches of Carla’s hair in her fingers trying frantically to pull her off. After Carla had fought her down on to the sand, Sheri started drifting in and out of consciousness, the terrible realisation dawning on her that, barring a miraculous turn of events, the fight was lost.

But, even in the direst of circumstances, outcomes can turn about suddenly and Carla made the foolish mistake of easing off to admire her handiwork just as Sheri had decided playing possum was the only option left to her.

Rocking back on her haunches when Sheri stopped fighting back, Carla started taunting her rival. "Did you like losing to me, bitch? Do you like knowing that my breasts actually are better than yours? Now I guess that we’ve settled the score finally we can… WHAT THE –AAHHHHH!”

Carla’s rant was rudely interrupted as, seizing her last chance, Sheri raised her knee like a whiplash, drilling the uppermost girl with the point straight between the legs. Paralysed by instantaneous, blinding pain, the redhead pitched forward and fell like a sack - straight into her rival’s waiting embrace.

Hey bitch,” Sheri laughed, “you seem a little tired all of a sudden. How about a nice pillow to rest your little head on?”

When, after a few moments, Carla Klinghoffer’s senses started to return she found herself back in her greatest nightmare – face down in Sheri Applebaum’s salty cleavage – and even as she struggled frantically to escape knew that the precision with which the blonde had locked their undulating bodies together meant that, for her, the fight was now well and truly over.

Pic. 3. As Carla Klinghoffer`s senses started to return she found herself back in her greatest nightmare.


It was still a perfect sunny morning on a deserted Yucatan beach and the only sound was the peaceful lapping of the ocean on the sand punctuated by the warbling of tropical birds nesting in the nearby trees. In a secluded spot behind some dunes a dishevelled-looking blonde had started making her way back along the beach the way she had come, staggering slightly but with her head held high.

Carrying Carla’s bikini top and thong off as trophies, Sheri turned around just once to view the redhead lying motionless on the sand. “Good luck explaining that one at hotel reception,” the blonde sneered as she turned and went on her way.